Luchon Casino Will Soon Reopen

The Luchon casino, created on the initiative of politician Charles TRON on August 15, 1880, will once again open its doors. This time, the establishment will be located in the Thermes Chambert, closed since 2014.

The Société Française des Casino takes over the Luchon casino

We were talking about it on our site 3 years ago, the Luchon casino had ceased all activity between 2011 and 2013 . But, the city council of last week changed the situation, since the gaming house is expected to open soon.

The future casino will take place in the Thermes Chambert de Luchon pavilion. The shower and treatment rooms of this historic building will undergo new developments.

The Société Française des Casino (SFC) will be responsible for the development of this new gaming house. It obtained a public service delegation from the city. The contract lasts 18 years during which the casino products paid to the town hall are valued at € 122,000 per year.

To transform the old seaside resort into a gaming house, the operator plans to mobilize a sum of 1.5 million euros. The start of the works is scheduled for October 2016. The funds necessary for the operation of the establishment are estimated at around 1 million euros for the first year. These expenses will drop to € 450,000 in the second year. This project will create 20 to 50 jobs.

Luchon casino games offer

The SFC company plans to offer 50 slot machines, electronic roulettes and a blackjack table in the casino. A restaurant will be installed in the new enclosure. To expand their offers, the operator will organize street shows, entertainment and events in the former Belle Epoque theater. The same room where lyrical troupes and theaters once played and where many concerts and operas were held.

Although this project is a boon for the SFC, it seems that it is already facing reluctance. Indeed, for the detractors, the installation of this casino will be at the origin of the end of the Baths, a symbol of the city.

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